Beautiful Handwriting for Weddings, Events, Celebrations and all Occasions

" Faith, Hope, Love, these three; but the greatest
of these is Love." (1 Cor. 13:13)

Martha's Vineyard Calligraphy provides you with hand calligraphy and fine handwriting services for weddings, parties, events, galas, fundraisers, and anniversaries.

Wedding Invitation Envelopes are
personally, elegantly hand addressed.

Marriage Certificates & Wedding Vows are

hand scribed to preserve your personal commitment.

Poetry, Declarations, Commemorations, and Tributes
are hand lettered as original works for gift giving and presentation.

Names, Messages, Greetings Are Beautifully Handwritten on any form you may wish to use:


Gift Bags



Note Cards

Name Tags

Place Cards

Party Favors

Thank You Cards

Handwritten Notes And Hand-Addressed Envelopes for Personal and Professional Correspondence:

This service conveys a personal connection which enhances any relationship.

Your extra effort will be noticed and appreciated with the personal attention of handwritten communication.

Each individual piece creates a lovely personal touch and connection to show how much you truly care. Please contact me to discuss calligraphy and hand lettering services.

I look forward to providing you with beautifully handwritten treasures, and will be happy to ship your order.

Best Wishes,

Nevenka Kovacevich