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Your Wedding Album Website & Blog
Full Design & Maintenance Services
By Zorka Kovacevich
Certified Marketing + Promotion Professional
New York NY USA

Tel 1+ 347-291-1367

Everything is done for you from building the site to maintaining it. This unique, one-of-a-kind service is super-packed by Google with free services including free domain name and free hosting saving you a bundle on annual, setup and registration costs. 

This is a highly personalized, inexpensive, fun and elegant way to immediately start sharing your wedding memories as you live them!

Hassle-free, easy and simple: 

Perfect for pre- and wedding photos, honeymoon, shower and bachelor party stories, activities, videos and anything else that you want to enjoy forever.

Includes no cost password protection which you can give to your friends and family, or if you prefer, you can openly share your website and blog with the entire web community.

All you do is send an email to and everything else is done for you!